Solar Opposites Review

Solar Opposites is a Hulu original adult animated show created by Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan. Justin Roiland is best known for also creating the cultural phenomenon Rick and Morty, using the same animation style and him voicing the main too, It’s hard to not compare both shows. I recently finished watching the first two seasons so I wanted to give my point of view on the show overall.

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Even though Solar Opposites feels like an extension of Rick and Morty, It’s the complete opposites, in fact, I enjoyed Solar Opposites more than Rick and Morty season 5, I don’t know what It is about the show but it feels very refreshing, seeing a new environment while maintaining the Sci-fi theme is great. Solar Opposites is absolutely hilarious, the jokes are dark and twisted but in the best way possible, each character brings their own ideas and problems making a dysfunctional/functional family relationship that just works. the premise of the show centers around a group of aliens from the planet Schorlp, which got destroyed by an asteroid making a select group of their species leave and search for uninhabited planets, but instead, they crash in suburban middle America, so now they have to accommodate to life on Earth while they rebuild their ship.

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Korvo is the main character and leader of the crew, alongside Terry and their replicants Jesse and Yumulack and obviously their Pupa, a genetic supercomputer that will eventually evolve to consume the planet and build a new Schorlp. each episode of the show is just better than the last, I can’t stress enough how good and well-written this show is, it’s clever and self-aware and I love it.

The only problem that I found on the show that has been the main critique the show has is that it captures the same exact sitcom family dynamic, this isn’t really a bad thing but you do notice it from the start. Like I said before, it’s hard not to compare this show to Rick and Morty but it’s also something completely different, while Rick and Morty dives into deeper and more expanded concepts, Solar Opposites focuses on the domestic middle-class type life of this group of aliens. and honestly, that’s okay, just because Justin Roiland is behind it doesn’t mean that it has to be like Rick and Morty, this show is a concept of its own. I highly recommend watching it, both seasons are available now on Hulu.

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