Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers Review

Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers is Disney’s newest “reboot”, technically it’s not a reboot but in a way it acts like it. The movie was released straight to Disney+, with a promising cast, interesting animation and a lot of references. I was looking forward to this movie.

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Chip and Dale was very enjoyable, I liked it. I thought it was a funny and clever movie with a very solid story. It’s basically an expansion of Who Framed Roger Rabbit in a way since it has the same plot of toons living amongst humans, plus Roger actually appears in The movie. 

The obvious commentary about the animation industry was something I didn’t expect, and I think it was done in a good way, Chip and Dale constantly mock and ridicule the concept of reboot´s and comebacks, there’s so many references and easter eggs throughout the course of the movie that I can’t even count. Now that doesn’t necessarily made the movie better but it was part of the satire of the story so I found it interesting that Disney went with that.

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This isn’t really a reboot, it’s more of a stand alone movie that just brings these two characters back in a more modern way, giving that fresh new look to everything like it is nowadays with popular media. Chip and Dale both have a fun dynamic, John Mulenay and Andy Samberg did a great job capturing their characters completely ditching the high pitched voices the characters had, which was a gag in the movie that showed the voices were just for the show Rescue Rangers.

Overall, the movie was a decent movie that delivered some good moments, filled with a lot of characters and things from many animated franchises and a very clear commentary about animation in general, it had some down points but most of the time it felt fresh and different in a way. Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers is now available on Disney+.

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