What If…? Marvel Studios first animated series

Marvel Studios What If…? is the first MCU animated film, showing us the multiverse for the very first time, in a different series of events leading to an “ok” ending and build-up for its next season.

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The show centers around The Watcher, a being whose destiny is to watch different universes and how one decision can change everything. the problem is, he’s under an oath that does not let him interfere with any reality. during all 9 episodes, we see some of the most important moments in the movies with one simple decision altering everything. Like Peggy Carter taking the super-soldier serum, T’Challa becoming Star-Lord or even a zombie apocalypse. 

All Rights to Disney and Marvel Studios.

All of these events are canon to the MCU. I honestly enjoyed the series, but something just felt off, The animation style in my opinion was quite weird, even though it was meant to have that comic book type of look, I still did not like the art style. The story was fine, nothing special or breathtaking it wasn’t something completely new or fresh, a lot of the things shown were taken straight out of the comics but it didn’t feel right. I think it’s cool that Marvel keeps trying different concepts and different approaches to storytelling, but in my opinion, after Endgame, the MCU just ended, after 10 years worth of movies, massive worldwide success, and such a monumental ending, anything new feels off, even the other Disney+ series have the same problem.

I think it was a good first animated series, building up for future MCU movies, but nothing special. I don’t have that much to say, watch all episodes now on Disney+ and get your own conclusions.

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