DuckTales (2017) How To Properly Reboot a Show

In 2017 Disney TVA released a reboot fro DuckTales, bringing a classic show from the Disney Afternoon era in the ’90s to new generations, it had a promising cast, a new animation style, and character design, and a fresh new story, following the same characters, Donald Duck, Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey and Louie, and a lot more.

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The show ended earlier this year with an over an hour-long ending, almost like a movie. and for a short 3 seasons long, this show is extremely entertaining and well done, the story is consistent, every little detail and character matters, and the overall arc they gave to the characters was great. each season kinda focuses on each one of the brothers, the first season had a lot to do with Dewey, the second with Louie, and the third and final season with Huey. The family dynamic that Scrooge creates as the show progresses is beautiful, David Tennant is perfect for the role, with his almost Irish type accent and grouchy attitude it’s great. the rest of the cast is also great, Ben Schwartz voices Dewey and it’s such a nice comedic relief, Danny Pudi as Huey shows the extreme anxiety he has, and Bobby Moynihan as Louie is just super chill and relaxed.

The story is really clever, showing us the other side of the family and other characters, unlike the original which was more childish and innocent, this one is more mature and developed, it’s still for kids, but anyone can sit down, watch, and enjoy it because the story is so captivating, every mystery and adventure is key and it connects later on (especially in the finale).


I think this reboot is great because of its writing, the people behind the show grew up with the original, and that’s what makes the story good, they know these characters, they know how to make them relatable and special, without taking the essence of their original designs and personalities, what the did with Della Duck was really clever, because the triplets’ parents were never mentioned, so it was a nice touch and a super cute character that not only was the kids mom, but also an adventurer of her own that dealt with her own problems.

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As always I don’t want to spoil anything, I recommend watching the show, you won’t be disappointed, all three seasons are now available on Disney+.

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