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Pixar’s newest film “Luca” premiered this year on Disney+, after the massive success of “Soul” and the previous release of “Onward”, Pixar brings us another new and original movie that present some nice story elements, beautiful visuals, stunning animation, and a whole new (and sort of unexplored) world.

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Luca is the story about a boy who’s a sea monster, he lives underwater with his parents and grandma. then one day he meets Alberto, also a sea monster that taught him that they can transform into humans when they go to the surface, and teaching him some stuff about the human world, they became best friends and shared a dream of one day owning a Vespa, so they decide to go to a small town near them called Portorosso in the Italian Riviera, to compete in a race with a human girl they meet named Julia to win the grand price and buy a Vespa to travel the world.

All Rights To Disney and Pixar

Luca wasn’t that big of a story, sure it’s a fun little summer coming-of-age movie that has beautiful animation and stunning visuals, but they don’t explain much about why sea monsters can turn into humans, or the civilization and whole other world that they live in underwater, even though it’s a great film to just sit back, relax and enjoy, some missing elements would’ve made it better. The main characters, Luca and Alberto are a very fun and charismatic duo, giving that sense of innocence and child-like wonder that made the film enjoyable, same with Julia. the color palette, the way the food looks, the amazing recreation of the town was absolutely magical, there’s no doubt that the movie looked beautiful.

All Rights To Disney and Pixar

I don’t really have anything else to say other than it delivered a new story and a very relaxing and cute film, there’s a lot of wasted potentials on showing both worlds and explaining their nature as sea monsters, but it had some great characters and a heartfelt ending. Stream “Luca” now on Disney+.

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