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The Owl House is a Disney animated series created by Dana Terrace, who worked on Gravity Falls alongside Alex Hirsh and was a previous writer for Ducktales (2017). The Owl House recently won a Peabody Award for best-animated series. it’s a great series that (just like a lot of other Disney TVA series) caught my eye and got me hooked immediately.

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The Owl House is a very fun and well-executed series, from the world-building to the music to the genuine characters, everything about it is great. The show is about a young girl named Luz Noceda, who has problems “fitting in” in the human world, she has a hard time making friends because everybody thinks she’s weird and quirky, you know the usual plot of weirdos/different kids. when her mother decides to send her to a summer camp something magical happens to her, getting her into the realm of The Boiling Isles, where she meets a runaway witch named Eda and her sidekick/best friend a little demon named King. after learning that The Boiling Isles is a magic realm with wizards and witches and other types of creatures, she decides to ditch camp and stay with Eda and King so that she can learn magic and become a witch.

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The series is just an extremely immersive type of story where there’s a lot to unravel, different arcs and plotlines, as well as character backstories and overall mystery. it’s a very unique series, especially for kids, the representation and overall themes they cover make the watching experience a delight. most of the new era of Disney TVA series came back to those sorts of complicated and immersive stories, and I love that because it gets you hooked on them, makes you a fan looking for clues, rewatching the seasons, and overall expecting more from them. I hate when an animated show has a different story for every episode instead of following a single story and telling it throughout their seasons, so if you’re like me you’ll probably like The Owl House.

THE OWL HOUSE – “Enchanting Grom Fright” – Luz experiences Grom, Hexside’s version of Prom, and it’s not what she expects. This episode of “The Owl House” airs Saturday, August 8 (8:44-9:06 P.M. EDT) on Disney Channel. (Disney Channel) GUS, WILLOW, LUZ

Now I wanted to talk about the Characters. It’s kind of hard not talking much about the story because I don’t want to spoil anything, I want to give you my thoughts so that you watch and support these shows and get you’re own conclusions and opinions on them. But all I can say about the characters is that they’re incredible, I love Luz’s sense of humor and sort of innocent but courageous attitude, Eda is such an interesting character, her design and her voice are just perfect. the rest of the characters like King, Gus, Willow, and Amity are all great.

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The first season of the series is available on Disney+ and the first batch of episodes for Season 2 will be available as well in August.

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