Infinity Train Book Two Review

Today I’ll be talking about Infinity Train Book Two, released in January of this year on Cartoon Network, this was not only a surprise for fans but also a new fresh start that would give us a glimpse of new characters and more of the train itself.

Screenshot of the series, all rights to Cartoon Network

And as all Books of this series, it did not disappoint, Book Two is more than a second season, and more of a continuation of Book One, it is its own thing. After the events that Tulip experienced on the chrome car by breaking free her reflection, MT (Mirror Tulip) goes off on her own and tries to live her own life, no reflecting, just being and finding herself. But, we also saw in that episode that she became a fugitive of the mirror world.

So in the first episode of Book Two shows exactly that, even though she’s free and living her life, the cops are after her constantly, she always keeps a can of black spray paint to paint any reflective surface. We also see her with a new more punk look, but yeah she’s just trying her best to escape and eventually find a way out of the train, on her own, but not for long…

Screenshot of the series, all rights to Cartoon Network

Then comes the Deer Alan Dracula, wich MT meet at a giant family tree car just chilling and eating leaves, the deer actually saved her from the cops so they became friends. Until a passenger named Jesse appears taking pictures with him, and eventually named him Alan Dracula, MT being the mean and anti-social person she is completely flips out over the fact that Jesse was with the deer, but they work things out and became a group, she helps Jesse get his number down and at the same time travel together with Alan Dracula.

The trio is great, we see the animal sidekick, the happy and silly one, and the dark and tough one of the group. But I really like how it all plays out because they help each other and eventually grow as people by facing all sorts of stuff, it’s a nice way to show how the characters try to find a way out of the train. And then there’s the connection on everything, One-One being now the conductor again we see him talking in the pods when new passengers get in, giving them an introduction to the train, wich I think it’s really funny. He also mentions Atticus several times, and MT tells everything about when she was with Tulip so I really like that it is its own story but with the aspects and connections to the characters that introduced us to the train in the first place.

Screenshot of the series, all rights to Cartoon Network

I loved how dark and edgy MT was during the journey with them, when Jesse leaves the train because his number got to zero, MT just completely wrecks everything and everyone on her way just to find a way back to him, and then eventually killing one of the cops by pushing him on to a wheel and then just moving on like nothing happened. It shows that Infinity Train is not a show for kids in my opinion, they touch very sensitive topics and show the dark side of things and specially people, the crew is not afraid of taking risks when it comes to telling a story, they express every aspect of the characters and the train in any way they can just to show the conflict and emotion, struggle that is being in the train. From fun and quirky to dark and violent, Infinity Train shows everything.

Screenshot of the series, all rights to Cartoon Network

I loved the ending the way One-One was super confused on the fact that Jesse needed MT to go with him, but she doesn’t have a number, its stressing, you start wondering how much time they have left and how will they get out of the train, but then in an incredible turn of events, using her had as a mirror to make it look like she has a number she is free. Escaping not only form the train but from the mirror world, naming herself Lake and becoming her own person and being with the person that believed in her since the beginning, Book Two is so far my favorite.

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