Infinity Train Book Three Review

Okay…so where to start? The amount of things that happened on Book Three were absolutely incredible, I just think that there’s so many things to talk about that I don’t know where to start, but I’ll talk about almost everything and give you my thoughts on it.

Book Three really showed that Owen Dennis and his team are willing to anything to show they’re vision and to tell this story, they did not only showed the darker side of everything in the train but also of it’s passengers. It’s incredible how so much can be told in just 10 episodes, showing the raw emotion and frustration of each character, tying lose ends, and making great character development in just that.

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The story is about the Apex, the group with the red wave on their face we last saw in Book Two. They’re leaders Simon and Grace, two individuals that have a way of seeing the train and its purpose, seducing young passengers to Join they’re elite group that fights for the “True Conductor”, by crashing cars and taking everything they can, killing what they call “Nulls” and surviving in the train trying to get their numbers as high as possible, the highest number is the leader, in this case Grace is the leader of the Apex and Simon is kind of the assistant of vice-leader.

So, you already know they’re bad people and that they are completely wrong about everything, numbers, cars, nulls, they’re just blind. But Infinity Train still manages to make you care about horrible people, and this is exactly what happens on Book Three, we see that Simon and Grace are two broken people full of regrets, anger, and strong mental health issues. And this is very normal, being stuck in the train since they were 10, it’s not easy growing up living by your own rules trying to survive in a train so dangerous.

Screenshot of the series, all right to Cartoon Network and HBO Max

But that still does not justify they’re behavior towards the train and everyone around them. That’s what Hazel is here to solve. Book Three opens up with them trashing a musical car, seeing the relationship between both characters both leading the group of kids and not caring about anything, until they get stuck on another car far away from the Apex, then they have to travel car by car until they get back home.

On they’re journey they encounter a little girl named Hazel and her friend Tuba a giant gorilla with a tuba backpack type of thing, they obviously try and convince Hazel to come with them to the Apex, there’s just one problem Hazel’s number does not glow wich is concerning because there’s no explanation to it. So they all travel together. But both of them specially Simon is not very happy about Tuba and he is constantly trying to find a way to kill her, until he eventually does…Yikes!

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This is the darkest Book so far, Simon kills Tuba by wheeling her and he then comes to Hazel like what he did was incredible and normal, that’s were we start seeing that Grace is changing, that episode and the encounter with the cat shows that Grace’s number is going down, Hazel is helping Grace realize that she is good. Then out of nowhere they reveal Hazel is a null, because she can turn into a turtle, that explain a lot about the number. Hazel has a funeral for Tuba in the next car, again seeing that Grace is becoming a different person, showing emotion and compassion towards Hazel and Tuba. On the other hand Simon is still a complete asshole. Then one of the biggest mysteries in the series finally reveals itself, they meet Amelia or as they call her the “True Conductor”, we see that Amelia is trying to locate the cars she created and destroy them so they don’t spread and the creatures she created (Including Hazel) don’t get out of them, orders of One-One. Amelia proves them wrong revealing everything about the train and her past making them confused and against each other.

Simon then learns that Hazel is a null, going back to the cat and using some sort of little robots that show the memory tape of Grace, seeing that she lied to him. After that he looked Grace on her own memories, and Hazel goes with Amelia.

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Simon is more than the villain in the story, he’s an infection. Grace goes trough her memories realizing that she needs to change, that she was wrong. She wakes up and then she goes back to the Apex, finding good old Simon with the highest number, becoming the leader and telling the kids to wheel her. Oh god telling literal children to kill someone is just not right, but then they have a fight were both of them almost died, and then in the most cruel and horrible turn of events Simon pushes Grace and then he does a Joker type of scene crying and laughing at the same time while his number went to his face. Grace survived, then Simon get killed by a Ghom, showing his flesh and bones until the only the only thing left of him is a grey paste.

Screenshot of the series, all right to Cartoon Network and HBO Max

 Wow, death, internal conflict, and absolute chaos define Book Three, it was amazing how the story turned out and how these characters developed In such a short amount of time.

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