Close Enough Review

This May HBO launched their new streaming service HBO Max, last year at San Diego Comic Con they announced some of the titles we’ll see in the platform, and one of those titles was “Regular Show” creator J.G. Quintel newest adult animated show “Close Enough”.

photo of the show, all rights to HBO Max and Cartoon Network studios

The show was announced three years ago with rumors and then an official trailer showing the new show, but that was part of NBC’s animation program wich got canceled later on, so shows like “Final Space” moved to channels like Adult Swim or other platforms, but nobody heard about “Close Enough” ever since, fans wanted the show to release somewhere but nothing happened and as time passed fans just thought it got cancelled, until HBO revealed it will be coming to HBO Max.

Released this past July 9th, “Close Enough” finally came, with the entire first season with 8 episodes everyone was excited, especially J.G. Quintel fans like me. The show was similar to “Regular Show” in some aspect to me not the animation style but rather the dynamic of the characters, but overall the show was great, with fun and dramatic situations, great characters and the absurd things happening to the group of friends.

photo of the show, all rights to HBO Max and Cartoon Network studios

This show basically ridicules every aspect of adulthood, the fact of starting a family and letting go of the past, making decisions that will change everything and trying to do the best you can, it’s a funny and great way to put into perspective. The comedy works although at some parts its very unnecessarily censored, and if it’s a more mature type of animation then it should be more open and free when it comes to censorship.

photo of the show, all rights to HBO Max and Cartoon Network studios

The characters are really cool, I love that Josh is voiced by Quintel himself just like he voiced Mordecai on “Regular Show” and also the fact that he’s a videogame designer is just really funny to considering that videogames were always a big part on “Regular Show”, Emily is a great example of a responsible and “modern” mom, she’s not trying to be cool, she’s just a great person that loves her family and tries everything to make things right, the way Emily and Josh relationship works throughout the show is a great example of the modern/responsible behavior. They’re kind of scared of getting old but at the same time they have fun and do crazy things while being great parents and taking care of Candice making her a relay funny and mature kid for her age. Overall I liked the show and even though it’s impossible not to compare it to “Regular Show” it still stands on his own, I think it was worth the wait and I think fans will enjoy it. You can watch “Close Enough” now on HBO Max or you can watch the first episode for free on HBO Max’s YouTube channel.

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