Disney’s July 2020 programing and the new era of animation for this decade

Disney released their new programing plan for Disney Channel and Disney XD showing us what is coming and how they are going to put out their shows throughout this month.

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Since the end of season 1 or Part 1 of Amphibia last year, and the launch of the season on Disney+, Amphibia has fans hooked, giving us a more detailed view on what Part 2 will bring us, revealing new secrets and loose ends that the past season left. returning July 11th you can continue watching and seeing what is going to happen to Anne and his frog pals.

Matt Braly creator of the show tweeted a about the shows returning to the network and also revealed the poster and some art and backgrounds for season 2 of the show.

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The Owl House

Since the first half of the season was released, The Owl House has gained a massi ve following with fans around the world waiting for the rest of season 1. Now returning July 11th, The rest of season 1 of the show will be released, showing us more about the characters and the fantasy world its set in.

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Big City Greens

The country family from Big City is coming back with the rest of season 2, with new episode s weekly starting July 11th, the Greens a very particular family, full of adventure and love, together they try to find their way into the modern era of the 21st century in Big City.

Now that that’s all covered I wanted to talk about the new Renaissance of cartoons specially Disney TVA (Television Animation).

Since the late 1920’s cartoons and animation have been growing and as time hpassed they’ve gone better and better over the years, we went from Mickey, Popeye, Betty Bop, And Felix the Cat, to the golden era of nickelodeon animated shows in the 90s to the fantastic era of early 2000’s Cartoon Network, and if you were a kid growing up in the 2000’s and 2010’s like me then you know there’s been a lot of shows that have been part of our live, in my case Disney’s shows like Kim Possible, Phineas And Ferb, Gravity Falls, and Star Vs The Forces Of Evil, are some that stick with me the most, obviously Cartoon Network had Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Regular Show, the list goes on. But Disney’s have been getting better over time, witch fresh and new ideas, great storytelling an consistent fan base and amazing creators that made my childhood and now my teenage years.

Right now Disney is going through a change on the shows they’re putting out, they went from ending some of the best animated shows ever, to letting new creators step up and present their stories and ideas to the world for the next generation, this is like what happened in the 90’s with their fresh new ideas that were a huge success on the animated film industry, but now its with their TVA, right now there’s more content and even more ideas on the way from Disney. So if you’re an animation fan looking for new shows to watch or maybe someone looking to get into the TVA world then check out Disney’s shows. You can watch some of them on Disney plus right now or watch the new programing on Disney XD and Disney Channel.

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