Why Amphibia is so underrated and why you should watch it!

Amphibia is Disney animated series Created by Matt Braly, The first few episodes of the series came out in late 2019, now with 2 seasons both available on Disney+ and now that season 3 is officially confirmed, I wanted to talk a bit about the series, why I love it so much and why you should probably support it so the team behind it can keep telling the story.

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The series has an immersive plot and story, it’s the type of series that gets you hooked instantly and you can’t stop watching. the story is about a girl named Anne who got magically transported into another dimension through a mysterious music box, the world she’s stuck in is called Amphibia, a world full of reptiles that talk and have built a society of their own. After she landed in the woods of a small town called WartWood, a frog spotted her thinking she was a monster, and that’s when she met Sprig Plantar, a young frog boy that decided to help Anne, she then started living with the rest of the Plantar’s, Sprig’s little tadpole sister Polly, and their grandfather Hop Pop, They became very fond of her and started considering her family.

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The story is simple, yet extremely fun and consistent, I don’t want to give away any spoilers, so I won’t say much about the story other than that (especially about season 2). The characters in my opinion are amazing. Each of them is super important in the story. They all give something that makes each episode well structured, giving a great character development for each of them. Anne is a super relatable girl that gives that sense of human spirit, she’s really funny and is a great protagonist, Sprig is the type of kid that annoys you but that you still talk and hang out with, he’s always accompanying Anne making them a great duo. Polly is comic relief, her dark and twisted comments always make a great punchline in a stressful situation especially because she’s really sarcastic. Hop Pop is a really cute and sort of great old man, he’s constantly active on the kid’s adventures/problems, he’s a great character, funny as hell.

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The consistency of the story is what I like most, reminds me of the Disney shows I grew up with like Gravity Falls and Star vs. The Forces Of Evil, stories that have a constant arch, each little detail, even the smallest thing comes up later in the series, making you go back and forth on different things that contribute to the story, the movie and videogame references, the crossover with Gravity Falls, even a cameo of Kermit The Frog’s voice actor in an episode, everything makes sense as the plot unveils. The music is also really good, making really emotional moments hit different.

AMPHIBIA – “Wax Museum” – This episode of “Amphibia” airs August 8 on Disney Channel. (Disney Channel) THE CURATOR, FROG SOOS

other than that, Amphibia is a great series, I personally can’t wait for Season 3, and please stream it on Disney+, it’s a way of supporting the show so that hopefully the mouse can let the team tell the story and make episodes for as long as they need!.

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