Pixar’s Soul Review

Soul is one of the most anticipated animated movies of 2020, being delayed due to the situation the world has been dealing with, it went from being released in June to November and then finally Disney and Pixar announced it will be launched on Christmas in Disney+.

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After a little more than a week since its release, Soul has become an instant hit, people around the world are fascinated by the film. Today I’ll be talking about what makes Soul especial and also what I thought about the film. Soul is the first ever animated feature with a black character as the protagonist, that is a BIG DEAL, they’re taking a big step with this, it’s important to understand (especially if you think animation isn’t meaningful) that representation in the media matters, this is such a beautiful movie that showed so much about black culture, how they look, they’re place in society, they captured everything and its really special.

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I have say, Soul spoke to me, as someone who has a hard time seeing himself in a different way, who lets his thoughts control him, and who gets too obsessed with his goals and passions, this film truly helped me realize a lot of things about my own life. Joe Gardner is just like me, I’m so passionate and so focused on what I love that I forget to enjoy life instead of centering it in something I’m still not doing. Soul is about appreciating the simple and wonderful things of living, life is too short and we should live in the moment, work for what you want while being present in the moment.

Soul truly is a journey that will make you think about what you’re doing with your life. Now, the animation is absolutely amazing, the fuzziness of and vibrant colors of The Great Before, the sequence of Joe falling into The Great Before, the way they captured New York City, the character design, everything is beautifully crafted to perfection.

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The cast was also an important part of the movie, Jamie Foxx is the first actor to portray a black man as the main character in an animated movie, that’s incredible, also the dynamic between him and Tina Fey was so funny and really well executed. This movie is one of if not the best film Pixar has made since it first started in the industry, I recommend you watch if you haven’t, you won’t be disappointed. I don’t want say anything else so I know this is a very short “Review” but it’s better to experience it than to read someone else’s opinion.

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