My take on Star Wars Visions

Star Wars Vision is an animated series of shorts based on the Star Wars franchise, each episode is made by a different anime studio, having both a different animation style and story, The series consist of nine episodes/short.

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Even though the visuals of Visions are absolutely Stunning, I feel that it lacks a lot of things in its entirety. With each episode being a different story you can really see the approach and interpretation of each studio of the Star Wars universe. My biggest problem with it is that none of the shorts are canon to the actual movies. I feel that was not the best decision, Star Wars is such a big franchise full of potential that I think it would’ve been perfect to make it canon, telling different stories and expanding the Star Wars universe even more.

All Rights To Disney and Lucasfilms.

But I understand that it’s concept is about that, having a new and exciting approach to the franchise. Visions has an incredible voice cast, Alison Brie, David Harbour, Neil Pratick Harris, Joseph Gordon Levit, the list goes on. There’s no denying that Visions is an incredible work of animation, The first episode “The Duel” has a beautiful hand drawn style being black and white only showing the colors of the lightsabers, episode three “The Twins” has a that vivid and vibrant color plate of blue, red, and oranges that Star Wars has had for decades but shown in a completely different perspective.

Visions is an exciting and entertaining new Star Wars experience, even though the episodes are really short, it’s not a series worth of binging, in some aspect each episode connects but in the end each is it’s own little thing, so try and watch each episode in different times, not all at once. The short amount of time in each episode leads you to wanting more, making it hard to tell a complete and actual story even if it’s a short.

All Rights To Disney and Lucasfilms.

In my opinion Star Wars Visions is a series worth watching for both Star Wars and Anime fans, it has a lot of potential and it’s really entertaining. Watch all episodes now on Disney+.

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