Close Enough Review

This May HBO launched their new streaming service HBO Max, last year at San Diego Comic Con they announced some of the titles we’ll see in the platform, and one of those titles was “Regular Show” creator J.G. Quintel newest adult animated show “Close Enough”. The show was announced three years ago with rumors and […]

Disney’s July 2020 programing and the new era of animation for this decade

Disney released their new programing plan for Disney Channel and Disney XD showing us what is coming and how they are going to put out their shows throughout this month. Amphibia Since the end of season 1 or Part 1 of Amphibia last year, and the launch of the season on Disney+, Amphibia has fans […]

Steven Universe Future “The End of an Era”

One of the biggest and most popular Animated shows of the past decade is Steven Universe, the show that has had 5 seasons, A movie, and a prequel series has come to an end this past march.  Animated shows are something very special to me, they’re very close to my heart, they’re shows that I […]

The Pixar Theory

The Pixar Theory is a theory made by a man named Jon Negorni, in 2013 he published a book with the same title saying that ALL Pixar movies are connected in the same universe. Now this is just a theory made buy a fan for the fans, but the studio itself hasn’t confirmed that this […]

Justin Roiland’s new Project “Solar Opposites”

Justin Roiland, The co-creator of one the biggest animated shows of the las decade “Rick And Morty” has moved on to a new project. His latest creation “Solar Opposites” is an animated show coming to Hulu on May 8th of this year, And the trailer for came out recently. For “Rick And Morty” fans thers […]