My Mixed Feelings on Lightyear

Lightyear is the latest film by Pixar, it is set in the Toy Story universe, And it is the origin story of the reason the Buzz Lightyear toy wound up in Andy’s bedroom. since Andy’s Mom bought a Buzz Lightyear toy back in 1995 because he was the main character in Andy’s favorite film, which […]

Cyberpunk Edgerunners Review

Cyberpunk Edgerunners is a surprising and exciting anime that dives down even further on the world of it’s game Cyberpunk 2077, although if you’re like me, and you’ve never played the game, this anime is a prequel, connected to the game, making it a perfect introduction to the world of Cyberpunk and it’s main focus, […]

My Thoughts on Inside Job

Inside Job is a adult animated series from Netflix Created by Shion Takeuchi and executive produced by Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch, Inside Job has a lot of energy when it comes to its theme and commentary, the story follows Reagan Ridley, a genius woman that works for the Shadow Government through the company Cognito […]

Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers Review

Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers is Disney’s newest “reboot”, technically it’s not a reboot but in a way it acts like it. The movie was released straight to Disney+, with a promising cast, interesting animation and a lot of references. I was looking forward to this movie. Chip and Dale was very enjoyable, I liked […]

Turning Red, a great film that deserved better

When It comes to Pixar, I’m all in for anything they make, I’m a huge Pixar fan, and I was very excited when Turning Red was announced, It had a great style and I thought it would be a fun story, I was also very happy that this was Dome Shi’s directorial debut, since she […]

My thoughts on The Cuphead Show

The Cuphead Show is the TV adaptation of the popular indie game Cuphead, the show was produced by Netflix Animation and was released this year. The original creators for the game were part of the team and produced the show.  The Cuphead Show was a very highly anticipated project that both fans of the game […]

Arcane Review

Arcane is an animated series based on the extremely well known game League of Legends from Riot games, produced by Netflix animation, the series is set in the world of the game with a completely immersive story that takes characters and different elements of the game and builds a story of its own. Arcane is […]

My take on Star Wars Visions

Star Wars Vision is an animated series of shorts based on the Star Wars franchise, each episode is made by a different anime studio, having both a different animation style and story, The series consist of nine episodes/short. Even though the visuals of Visions are absolutely Stunning, I feel that it lacks a lot of […]

What If…? Marvel Studios first animated series

Marvel Studios What If…? is the first MCU animated film, showing us the multiverse for the very first time, in a different series of events leading to an “ok” ending and build-up for its next season. The show centers around The Watcher, a being whose destiny is to watch different universes and how one decision […]

Solar Opposites Review

Solar Opposites is a Hulu original adult animated show created by Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan. Justin Roiland is best known for also creating the cultural phenomenon Rick and Morty, using the same animation style and him voicing the main too, It’s hard to not compare both shows. I recently finished watching the first two […]