Arcane Review

Arcane is an animated series based on the extremely well known game League of Legends from Riot games, produced by Netflix animation, the series is set in the world of the game with a completely immersive story that takes characters and different elements of the game and builds a story of its own.

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Arcane is one of those shows that I just didn’t expect to come out at all, and I’m glad it did. It’s super refreshing to see a show like this, the animation is absolutely beautiful, the color palette and lighting on the show makes it feel so real, the characters and character development with just 9 episodes is very well done, the action is very fluid and entertaining, it’s portrayed in a very natural way.

I really liked the story, I know about League of Legends but I’m not someone that plays the game constantly, so I was really intrigued to see what direction they would go with, again because I’m not a player of the game, I don’t know much about the lore, but honestly the show stands on its own. You don’t need to know about the game to enjoy Arcane, and that’s what I most enjoyed about the series because it’s a completely different project separated from its source material, making it very unique.

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The score for the series was very good, the dramatic aspects of the show paired with the dark and suspenseful tones of the music were very well produced. I think the visuals of the series are the best part about it though, the amount of world building they worked on was top notch, they went all out with it and it shows.

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Some of the flaws of the show I have are mainly with some of the character stories they told, some bits feel very slow and uninteresting, some scenes felt very long for no reason but other than that there weren’t many flaws.

Arcane is one of the best animated series to come out in recent years in my opinion, and I really look forward to season two, you can watch Arcane now on Netflix.

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